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kuprati_small.jpg11. 3. 2015
Snapshots of the retarded interaction of charge carriers with ultrafast fluctuations in cuprates

The paper Snapshots of the retarded interaction of charge carriers with ultrafast fluctuations in cuprates appeared recently in Nature Physics, published by prof. dr. J. Bonča (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Institute "Jožef Stefan"), postdocs dr. L. Vidmar and dr. D. Golež, and an Italian experimental group. One of the pivotal questions in the physics of high-temperature superconductors is whether the low-energy dynamics of the charge carriers is mediated by bosons with a characteristic timescale. This issue has remained elusive as electronic correlations are expected to greatly accelerate the electron–boson scattering processes, confining them to the very femtosecond timescale that is hard to access even with state-of-the-art ultrafast techniques. Here we simultaneously push the time resolution and frequency range of transient reflectivity measurements up to an unprecedented level, enabling us to directly observe the ~16 fs build-up of the effective electron–boson interaction in hole-doped copper oxides. This extremely fast timescale is in agreement with numerical calculations based on the t–J model and the repulsive Hubbard model, in which the relaxation of the photo-excited charges is achieved via inelastic scattering with short-range antiferromagnetic excitations.


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Algebra seminar Joao Pita Costa: The topos foundation of persistence Sreda, 27. maja 2015, ob 10. uri v Plemljevem seminarju, Jadranska 19/III, Ljubljana
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Geometric topology seminar Denise Halverson: Building general position properties into decomposition spaces Sreda, 27. 5. 2015, ob 10h, v predavalnici 3.07, Jadranska 21, Ljubljana

COST Workshop on Modelling of Flowing Matter
16 - 18 February, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Physics of Complex Colloids
14 - 18 May 2013, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


Workshop on assembling of superstructures in soft matter
11 - 13 October 2012, Klub Cankarjevega doma, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


24 - 26 October 2012, "Jožef Stefan" Institute


Relativistic Positioning Systems and their Scientific Applications 
19 - 21 September 2012, Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenija


Ljubljana Physics Summit 2012
March 3, 2012, "Jožef Stefan" Institute


COINAPO Topical Meeting:
Composites of nanotubes and polymers:
joining theoretical modeling with experimental investigations
8 - 9 December 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenija


Physics in Ljubljana
17 - 24 July 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Confined Liquid Crystals: Landmarks and Perspectives

19 - 20 July 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenija


19 - 21 October 2009, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenija


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Self-assembly of guanosine derivatives: from biological systems to nanotechnological applications
20 - 25 June 2009, Obergurgl, Austria


4th European school in Material Sciences
Mechanical Properties of Complex Metallic Alloys
25 - 30 May 2009, MONS Hotel and Congress Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenija


ESF Workshop
Towards single-spin physics
November 30, 2007, MONS Congress Center (Ravnikar room), Ljubljana, Slovenija
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10 - 12 October 2007, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija








7th European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky
Light Pollution and Global Warming
International Exhibition: Quality Lighting and Light Pollution
5 - 6 October 2007, Bled, Slovenija



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27 - 29 September 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenija


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2 - 7 September 2007, Portorož, Slovenija