Earth Day MODES

nedjeljka žagar

Nedjeljka Žagar

Associate professor of meteorology

Research fields Nedjeljka's group has been applying normal modes to atmospheric general circulation models.
A real-time representation of atmospheric energy spectra and unbalanced circulation is available on dedicated MODES pages.


Recent publications

N. Žagar, 2017: A global perspective of the limits of prediction skill of NWP models. Tellus A, 69. To appear.

N. Žagar, M. Horvat, Ž. Zaplotnik and L. Magnusson, 2017: Scale-dependent estimates of the growth of forecast uncertainties in a global prediction system, Tellus A, 69, 1287492.

N. Žagar, J. Bojarova, N. Gustafsson, T. Janjic, G-J. Marseille, M. Rennie, A. Stoffelen and M. Savli, 2017: Summary of Ljubljana workshop on “Mesoscale data assimilation and the role of winds in limited-area models for NWP in Europe”, ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter, 8, 119-123. Also http://www.umr-cnrm.fr/aladin/meshtml/NL8-final.pdf

N. Žagar, J.L. Anderson, N. Collins, T. Hoar, K. Raeder, L. Lei and J. Tribbia, 2016: Scale-Dependent Representation of the Information Content of Observations in the Global Ensemble Kalman Filter Data Assimilation, Mon. Wea. Rev., 144 (8), 2927-2945, http://dx.doi.org/10.1175/MWR-D-15-0401.1