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João Pita Costa: Distributivity in skew lattices

Date: 13. 3. 2012
Source: Algebra seminar
In the latest developments in the theory of skew lattices, the study of distributivity has been one of the main topics. Furthermore, the largest classes of examples of such algebras are distributive. Unlike what happens in lattices, the properties of cancellation and distributivity are independent for skew lattices. In the past two years a group of mathematicians have worked on this topic (namely K. Cvetko-Vah, J. Leech, M. Spinks and M. Kinyon). In this talk we will discuss several aspects of distributivity in the absence of commutativity, review the recent results by Kinyon and Leech on these matters and have an insight on the coset structure of those algebras that satisfy this property.
Sreda, 14. marca 2012, ob 10. uri v Plemljevem seminarju, Jadranska 19/III, Ljubljana