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Paolo Molaro: The star that should not exist

Date: 19. 4. 2012
Source: Astrodebate
v ponedeljek, 23. 4. 2012 ob 13h v predavalnici F4, Jadranska 19, FMF, Ljubljana (pozor: sprememba dneva/ure/predavalnice!)


The star that should not exist

Paolo Molaro

Extreme metal-poor stars are records of the chemical composition of the young Galaxy and provide information on the early chemical evolution in the Universe and on  the type of the first stars. They are very rare and current theories predict the existence of a threshold in metallicity to form low mass stars that could be observed today.

We developed an automatic procedure to select metal poor candidates from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Some of these were observed during the GTO of the spectrograph X-Shooter and their metallicity confirmed. We also succeeded in finding out a record metal-poor star. Some of the implications of this discovery will be  discussed.


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