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Egbert Rijke: Homotopy limits in type theory

Date: 7. 9. 2012
Source: Mathematics and theoretical computing seminar
Petek 7. 9. 2012 ob 13h, skupna soba 4.19 na Jadranski 21

Danes se bo seminar za osnove izjemoma dobil kar v času kosila v skupni sobi. S seboj prinesite sendvič in ob prebavljanju poslušajte Egbert Rijkeja, ki bo govoril o homotopski teoriji tipov. 

Abstract: One may wonder how much of the category theoretical notions can be transported to the setting of homotopy type theory. Such a question is part of the task whether the class of homotopy sets forms a predicative topos, meaning that homotopy sets have as much good properties as one could wish. With limits of diagrams this can be done quite easily, but already here we see a slightly surprising consequence: the monomorphisms in homotopy type theory may not be those functions just satisfying cancellation from the left.