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Dr. Alexander M. Beck: On the Origin and Growth of Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Date: 13. 10. 2016
Source: Astrodebate
Pričenja se nov cikel seminarjev Astrodebata! Vabljeni v sredo, 19. oktobra, ob 12. uri na predavanje o kozmičnih magnetnih poljih, ki ga bo imel dr. Alexander M. Beck (Univerzitetni observatorij v Muenchnu). Predavanje bo v predavalnici F3 na Jadranski 19 (Fakulteta za matematiko in fiziko, UL)!
On the Origin and Growth of Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Dr. Alexander M. Beck
University Observatory Munich, Germany

The origin of magnetic fields in high-redshift and present-day galaxies is a long-standing problem. In this talk, we present a model for the seeding and evolution of magnetic fields in protogalaxies. Supernova (SN) explosions during the assembly of a protogalaxy self-consistently provide magnetic seed fields, which are subsequently amplified by compression, shear flows and random motions.

We present cosmological simulations with the GADGET code of Milky Way-like galactic halo formation using a standard LCDM cosmology and analyse the strength and distribution of the evolving magnetic field. We analyse the intrinsic rotation measure (RM) of the forming galactic halo over redshift. The mean halo intrinsic RM peaks between redshifts z=4 and z=2 and reaches absolute values around 1000 rad/m^2. Towards redshift z=0, the intrinsic RM values decline to a mean value below 10 rad/m^2. At high redshifts, the distribution of individual starforming and thus magnetized regions is widespread leading to a widespread distribution of large intrinsic Rms.

Our model for the evolution of galactic magnetic fields solves the joint problem of magnetic field seeding and subsequent amplification and distribution. The magnetic fields in galaxies are a direct consequence of the very basic processes of star and galaxy formation.
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