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Predavanje Guida De Philippisa, prejemnika EMS Prize 2016

Date: 18. 10. 2016
Source: Mathematics lecture
V ponedeljek, 24. oktobra 2016, ob 10h na FAMNIT-u v Kopru

UP FAMNIT in UP IAM vabita na predavanje "The Plateau problem" izr. prof. dr. Guida De Philippisa iz SISSA Trieste (https://www.sissa.it/), prejemnika EMS nagrade 2016 (http://www.7ecm.de/prizes/laureates.html).

Predavanje bo potekalo v ponedeljek, 24. 10. 2016, ob 10h v predavalnici Famnit-VP na Glagoljaški 8, Koper.


In its classical formulation Plateau problem asks to find the surface of minimal area spanning a given boundary. Understanding the proper notion of surface, area and of "spanning a  boundary" has lead since the pioneering works of Almegren-De Giorgi/Federe-Fleming/Reifenberg in the 50's to the development of beautiful and powerful tools in Geometric Measure Theory.

I will review the state of the art on the Plateau problem by presenting a series of old and new results concerning existence and regularity of  solutions.

O predavatelju:

Guido De Philippis is working in the area of Calculus of Variations, Geometric Measure Theory and Partial Differential Equations (PDE). In particular he is interested in the study of regularity and singularity issues in geometric variational problems (minimal surfaces, shape optimisation problems, capillarity problems) and non linear elliptic PDE. He is also interested in the study of qualitative of solutions and in quantitative geometric and functional inequalities.

Guido De Philippis was awarded EMS Prize 2016 for his outstanding contributions to the regularity of solutions of Monge-Ampére equation and optimal maps and for his deep work on quantitative stability inequalities for the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian and rigidity in some isoperimetric type inequalities.