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dr. Gayandhi de Silva: The Galah Survey update

Date: 4. 1. 2017
Source: Astrodebate
*Danes*, v sredo 4. januarja ob 12. uri v F3 bo v okviru Astrodebate predavanje z naslovom "The Galah Survey update". Predavateljica bo dr. Gayandhi de Silva, znanstveni vodja projekta HERMES na Avstralskem astronomskem observatoriju in Univerzi v Sydney-u. Vljudno vabljeni!
The Galah Survey update

dr. Gayandhi de Silva
HERMES Project Scientist
Australian Astronomical Observatory
Sydney Institute for Astronomy, University of Sydney, Avstralija

The GALAH (GALactic Archaeology with HERMES) survey is a large observing program that is using the HERMES spectrograph at the Anglo-Australian Telescope to measure the chemical compositions and radial velocities of 1 million stars in the Milky Way. Our main science goal is to identify chemically similar groups of stars in the Galactic disk, which are most likely long- disrupted star clusters, to decipher the star formation, chemical enrichment, stellar migration and merger history of the Milky Way. In this talk I will give an overview of the HERMES instrument, the survey and present its current status.