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Janko Gravner: Growth dynamics on Hamming graphs

Date: 1. 6. 2017
Source: Seminar for probability, statistics, and financial mathematics
Torek, 6. junija 2017, ob 10h v Plemljevem seminarju, Jadranska 19

V torek, 6. junija 2017, ob 10h bo v Plemljevem seminarju Fakultete za matematiko in fiziko Univerze v Ljubljani na Jadranski ulici 19 v Ljubljani potekalo predavanje Janka Gravnerja  (UC Davis) z naslovom Growth dynamics on Hamming graphs.

Abstract: This talk will be on long range growth models. Mostly we will focus on the Hamming plane: here, the decision to add a point x to some occupied subset of the two-dimensional lattice is made by counting the occupied points on the entire horizontal and the entire vertical line through x, and checking whether the pair of counts lies outside a fixed Young diagram. The methods to analyze such dynamics are an interplay between probability and extremal combinatorics.