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D. Ruberman, Configurations of embedded spheres

Date: 8. 11. 2017
Source: Topology seminar
Sreda, 15. november 2017 ob 12.15 uri v predavalnici 3.06 na Jadranski 21

Daniel Ruberman (Brandeis University)

Configurations of embedded spheres

Configurations of lines in the plane have been studied since antiquity. In recent years, combinatorial methods have been used to decide if a specified incidence relation between certain objects ("lines") and other objects ("points") can be realized by actual points and lines in a projective plane over a field. For the real and complex fields, one can weaken the condition to look for topologically embedded lines (circles in the real case, spheres in the complex case) that meet according to a specified incidence relation. I will explain some joint work with Laura Starkston (Stanford) giving new topological restrictions on the realization of configurations of spheres in the complex projective plane, and a bit of the symplectic geometry that motivated our project.