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Miha Mihovilovič: The ever-changing proton radius

Date: 1. 12. 2017
Source: Monday physics colloquium
Ponedeljek, 4. 12. 2017 ob 16.15 v predavalnici F1, UL FMF, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana

The ever-changing proton radius


Miha Mihovilovič


Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana

Institut für Kernphysik, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz


The discrepancy between the proton charge radius determined by Lamb shift measurements in muonic hydrogen and the radius obtained from elastic scattering submits all existing data to scrutiny and questions our understanding of QED. To provide new insight into the problem, several new experiments are underway. They are complemented by extensive theoretical efforts focused on processes influencing the Lamb shift extractions as well as ways to interpret the form-factor measurements. Features and challenges of these new experiments will be discussed, together with the results of the most recent measurements and prospects for future studies.

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