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Web-Seminar GEOTOP-A: Sara Kalisnik, February 8, 2019

Date: 7. 2. 2019
Source: Topology seminar
Petek, 8. februar ob 17.00 na spletni platformi GEOTOP-A
  • Date: February 8, 2019
  • Speaker: Sara Kalisnik

Title: Learning Algebraic Varieties from Samples


"I will discuss how to determine vanishing polynomials on a fixed finite sample of points and what to do with that information. For example, from the equations defining a variety one can learn the degree and the dimension of the variety. One can also construct ellipsoid complexes which, based on the experiments, strengthen the topological signal for persistent homology. All the algorithms needed are made available in a Julia package."


persistent homology, dimension estimates, learning varieties


  •   8 am (Los Angeles)  
  •   10 am (Mexico City)  
  •   4 pm (London)          
  •   5 pm (Paris)              
  •   7 pm (Moscow)          
  •   12 pm (Beijing) 

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