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Uroš Kuzman: Reduced complex dynamical systems

Date: 28. 2. 2020
Source: Complex analysis seminar
Torek, 03.03.2020 ob 12:30, soba 3.06 na Jadranski 21
V torek, 3. marca ob 12. uri in 30 minut, bo v okviru seminarja za kompleksno analizo predavanje

Uroš Kuzman: Reduced complex dynamical systems.

Abstract: We investigate the dynamics of polynomial and rational maps on \widehat{\mathbb{C}} based on the assumption that the data that we are given is incomplete. In particular, we will show that, after reducing the orbits to a fixed number of real values representing the real parts of the initial elements, ergodic properties of a polynomial dynamical system can still be recovered. Moreover, we will develop a similar theory for rational maps along with the reduction providing only the absoulte values of initial elements of the orbits.

Seminar bo v predavalnici 3.06 na Jadranski 21. Vljudno vabljeni!

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