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Valery Isaev: Arend proof assistant

Date: 29. 4. 2020
Source: Mathematics and theoretical computing seminar
Četrtek, 30. 4. 2020, od 18h do 19h, spletni seminar

Seminar za Osnove se bo po krajšem premoru nadaljeval na spletu. Ker pričakujemo poslušalce iz Evrope in ZDA, bomo čas in trajanje seminarja prilagodili.

Čertrtek, 30. 4. 2020, od 18h do 19h, Zoom ID 965 4439 5816.

Arend proof assistant

Valery Isaev (JetBrains research) 

Abstract: I will discuss Arend, a proof assistant developed at JetBrains Research. The aim of Arend is to provide a powerful system for formalization results in homotopy type theory and in ordinary mathematics. To achieve the latter goal, we prove a flexible class system with subtyping, universe polymorphism with a powerful level inference mechanism, quotient sets with a convenient pattern matching principles for them. We also recently implemented a tactic framework which can be used to automate routine proofs and implement various EDSLs. Homotopic features of Arend include built-in universes of finite homotopy level, higher inductive types, univalence, and path types in the style of cubical type theories. I will talk about these features and also about our plans to implement language extensions that can be used to simplify reasoning about various higher structures.