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Luca di Luzio: Pati-Salam Axion

Date: 21. 5. 2020
Source: Joint FMF-JSI high energy physics seminar
ńĆetrtek, 21. maj, ob 10:15, https://zoom.us/j/97158916531
I discuss the implementation of the Peccei-Quinn mechanism in a minimal realization of the Pati-Salam partial unification scheme. The axion mass is shown to be related to the Pati-Salam breaking scale and it is predicted via a two-loop renormalization group analysis to be in the window ma ∈ [10−11,3×10−7] eV, as a function of a sliding Left-Right symmetry breaking scale. This parameter space will be fully covered by the late phases of the axion Dark Matter experiments ABRACADABRA and CASPEr-Electric. A Left-Right symmetry breaking scenario as low as 20 TeV is obtained for a Pati-Salam breaking of the order of the reduced Planck mass.