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Florian Rabe: MMT: A Foundation-Independent Logical System

Date: 15. 5. 2020
Source: Mathematics and theoretical computing seminar
ńĆetrtek, 21. 5. 2020, od 16:00 do 17:00 , spletni seminar

Zoom ID: 989 0478 8985

Florian Rabe (University of Erlangen)

After the talk, the video recording will be made available.  

Abstract: Logical frameworks are meta-logics for defining other logics. MMT follows this approach but abstracts even further: it avoids committing to any foundational features like function types or propositions. All MMT algorithms are parametric in a set of rules, which are self-contained objects plugged in by the language designer. That results in a framework general enough to develop many formal systems including other logical frameworks in it, enabling the rapid prototyping of new language features.

Despite this high level of generality, it is possible to develop sophisticated results in MMT. The current release includes, e.g., parsing, type reconstruction, module system, IDE-style editor, and interactive library browser. MMT is systematically designed to be extensible, providing multiple APIs and plugin interfaces, and thus provides a versatile infrastructure for system development and integration.

This talk gives an overview of the current state of MMT and its future challenges. Examples are drawn from the LATIN project, a long-running project of building a modular, highly inter-related suite of formalizations of logics and related formal systems.