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Enej Ilievski: Superuniversality of superdiffusion

Date: 13. 11. 2020
Source: Mathematical physics seminar
Tuesday, 17. 11. 2020, at 15:15 via Zoom. More info on the seminar webpage https://chaos.fmf.uni-lj.si/

Enej Ilievski (University of Ljubljana) 

Emergence of anomalous transport laws in deterministic interacting many-body systems has become a subject of intense study in the past few years, a prominent example of which is the unexpected discovery of superdiffusive spin dynamics in the isotropic Heisenberg quantum spin chain, conjectured to belong to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class. In this seminar, we will argue and theoretically justify why the observed anomalous transport of the Noether charges with fractional dynamical exponent z=3/2 is superuniversal, namely a feature of all integrable interacting lattice models (and even quantum field theories) which exhibit global symmetry of simple Lie group G (in ensembles that fully preserve group invariance). The phenomenon can be attributed to thermally dressed giant quasiparticles, whose properties can be traced back to fusion relations among characters of certain quantum groups called Yangians.

More information on the seminar webpage.

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