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1338. sredin seminar: Vladimir Batagelj: On weighted two-mode network projections

Date of publication: 8. 8. 2023
Computer mathematics seminar (Wednesday seminar)
18:00 - 19:45
ID: 869 5394 3473 – Password: 778851
Sreda, 9. avgust 2023, od 18:00 do 19:45, po Zoomu

On weighted two-mode network projections

In the paper we studied the collaboration (co-authorship) between scientists from different post-Soviet countries. We decided to repeat the study on the European countries. The first exploratory analyses of the data for the period 2000-2022 gave meaningful results . It turned out that there are different ways how we can define a network describing the co-authorship collaboration between countries. Some options are discussed in this seminar.

PS. Kdor bi rad kaj povedal na naslednjih seminarjih, naj mi sporoči naslov teme in doda kratek povzetek.