1331. sredin seminar: Daria Maltseva: Structure and patterns of collaboration in the scientific community: the case of Russian science

Date of publication: 5. 12. 2022
Computer mathematics seminar (Wednesday seminar)
18:00 - 19:45
ID: 869 5394 3473 – Password: 778851
Sreda, 7. december 2022, od 18:00 do 19:45, po Zoomu

Structure and patterns of collaboration in the scientific community: the case of Russian science

Daria Maltseva is going to present several research projects aimed at studying the scientific collaboration in the Russian scientific community, being conducted at the International Laboratory for Applied Network Research.

The project “Patterns of Collaboration in the Russian Sociological Community: Structure of Scientific Schools and Possible Growth Points” is aimed at the analysis of the structure and patterns (structural schemes of interaction) of collaboration in the scientific community of Russian sociologists. The process of sociology development as the scientific discipline and the professional community in the Soviet Union can be characterized as nonlinear. Two unrelated periods can be distinguished: 1) sociology developed in the context of the ideas of foreign social researchers in the pre-revolutionary period, and 2) sociology "grew" out of “factory research” (sociology of labor) in the 1960-70s, characterized by the absence of links with "bourgeois science". High level of centralization in modern Russia, inequality between capitals and regions contributed to strengthening communities in center but questioned the existence of the regional scientific schools developed in the Soviet Union. The project uses methodology of SNA for building collaboration networks, based on the data on publications of Russian sociologists in scientific citation database eLibrary, and data on their participation in international sociological scientific conferences.

The data on collaboration from the eLibrary can be supplemented by the data collected during the project “Russian Publications in Web of Science: A Bibliometric Study” being implemented jointly with the Dalibor Fiala, associate Professor of Computer Science, University of West Bohemia. Having the 1,383,990 publications from all scientific disciplines, the researchers are able to extract the data connected to the works published in the category of Sociology and make an extensive overview of the collaboration of Russian sociologists based on the domestic and international data bases. The analysis of the sociological discipline is later prolonged to all scientific disciplines of the modern Russia starting from 1991 to 2022.

At the seminar, Daria will present the data bases for the two projects, as well as highlight the current methodological questions that the team faces at the current stage, considering the data cleaning (author and affiliation disambiguation) and network construction.

PS. Kdor bi rad kaj povedal na naslednjih seminarjih, naj mi sporoči naslov teme in doda kratek povzetek.

Vladimir Batagelj