Assist. Prof. Dr. Matjaž Humar (IJS, FMF): Soft and biological photonics

Date of publication: 5. 1. 2023
Monday physics colloquium
16:15 - 17:15

In this talk I will give an overview of the recent work in our Bio-integrated photonics group. We are focusing on photonic devices made out of biological and other soft materials and their applications. These unconventional photonic devices are relatively new, but have gained a lot of interest in recent years. After the first demonstration of a microlaser completely embedded in a live cell we are continuing the development of various biolasers for different applications including sensing, imaging and cell tagging. We are working towards the use of biolasers for real life applications such as medical diagnosis and to study various biological processes. A part of our research is also devoted to liquid crystal lasers where the complex topological structures of the liquid crystals are coupled to the properties of the emitted laser light.

Cookies, tea.