Vasilij Vasjunin: How Monge-Ampère equation can help the John-Nirenberg inequality

Date of publication: 3. 4. 2008
Mathematics colloquium
Četrtek, 10. 4. 2008, ob 18.15 v predavalnici 2.04 na Jadranski 21.

Pozor: to je eden izmed dveh vzporednih kolokvijev!

The Bellman function method is a rather elementary but very powerful tool for obtaining various inequalities in modern analysis. Using the function with some concavity property you can prove the desired estimate. If you succeed in finding the minimal (maximal) function of this kind, you get the inequality with the sharp constant. This function -- the best possible -- is called the Bellman function for the corresponding problem. In the talk I will try to illustrate this method on the example of the classical John-Nirenberg inequality for the BMO-functions on the real line.

Predavatelj: prof. dr. Vasilij Vasjunin, Sankt Peterburški oddelek Matematičnega inštituta V. A. Steklova, Ruska akademija znanosti