Michèle Audin: After a reading of Kovalevskaya — what is integrability?

Date of publication: 19. 2. 2009
Mathematics colloquium
Četrtek, 26. 2. 2009, ob 18.15 v predavalnici 2.02 na Jadranski 21.

Prof. dr. Michèle Audin

Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée ULP in CNRS, Strasbourg, Francija

Consider a rigid body with a fixed point in a constant gravitation field. We may write the differential equations describing its motion. The problem is to solve these equations. This is an 18th century problem, solved by Euler and Lagrange in special cases (among which is the case of a spinning top).

I will present Sofya Kovalevskaya's celebrated—but not well known—work on the question. Then I shall discuss various notions of integrability raised by this work from the 21st century point of view.

The talk should be accessible to graduate (and even undergraduate) students.

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