Prof. Podgornik na spletni strani Soft Matter World

Date of publication: 19. 7. 2009
In focus
S svojo raziskovalno skupino predstavljen kot This Month's Featured Research Group

Raziskovalna skupina in delo prof. Podgornika sta bila 16. julija predstavljena kot This Month's Featured Research Group na strani Soft Matter World. V spremnem besedilu je zapisano:

"Rudi Podgornik is no ordinary name in the Soft Matter world, with over a 100 published papers and receiving the highest prize for scientific excellence in Slovenia in 1999- the Zois Award, he has pushed the boundaries of research in biophysics and soft matter. His research group is based out of University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, covering a whole variety of fields including the physics of soft matter, the physics of coulomb fluids, macromolecular interactions (in particular the Lifshitz theory of dispersion interaction) the physics of membranes, polymers and polyelectrolytes and most notably the physics of DNA. He is the head of the research program "Biophysics of polymers, membranes, gels, colloids and cells" which you can read more about at the Slovene Agency for Research and Development (SICRIS) website. His web page contains some stunning images and excellent descriptions of Prof. Podgorniks research interests, so visit his site here to learn more!"