Dr. Peter Jeglič: Cold Cesium Atoms

Date of publication: 3. 11. 2015
Monday physics colloquium
Ponedeljek, 9. november 2015, ob 16:15 v predavalnici F1, FMF UL, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana

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Cold Cesium Atoms


Dr. Peter Jeglič

Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana


By reaching temperatures below 10 microkelvin, our experimental group at Jožef Stefan Institute joined more than 170 laboratories worldwide involved in experimenting with cold atomic and molecular gases. This exciting experimental technique has emerged as highly relevant in many different research fields including many-body physics, precision measurements and quantum information. After a general overview of the physical principles that underlie the laser cooling process, I shall present the experimental techniques to cool, trap and characterise cesium atoms. The subsequent cooling steps for reaching temperatures below 50 nanokelvin to create a Bose-Einstein condensate of cesium atoms will also be discussed. Our long-term goal is to control, manipulate and detect ultracold cesium atoms in an artificial two-dimensional crystal.