Prof. dr. David Ellerman: Interpreting Quantum Mechanics

Date of publication: 2. 9. 2011
Mathematics colloquium
Četrtek, 8. 9. 2011, ob 10:15 v predavalnici 2.05 na Jadranski 21.
David Ellerman
University of California at Riverside 
As a part of the research program to develop the indistinct/distinct state interpretation of quantum mechanics on the foundation of partition logic, this talk will show: 1) how by lifting the basic concepts of set partitions to vector spaces, we arrive at key concepts in the mathematics of QM; 2) how the Dirac notation can be generalized to arbitrary (finite dimensional) vector spaces; 3) how "ultra-toy models" of the QM formalism can then be developed in very simple contexts like vector spaces over Z2 (which allows some QM concepts to be clarified); and 4) how this leads to the noncommutative version of finite probability theory.
O predavatelju
David P. Ellerman works in the fields of economics and political economy, social theory and philosophy, and in mathematics. His undergraduate degree was in philosophy at  M.I.T. ('65), and he has Masters degrees in Philosophy of Science ('67) and in Economics ('68), and a doctorate in Mathematics ('71) all from Boston University. He has been in and out of teaching in economics, mathematics, accounting, computer science, and operations research departments in various universities (1970-90), founded and managed a consulting firm in East Europe (1990-2), and worked in the World Bank from 1992 to 2003 where he was an economic advisor to the Chief Economist (Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern).  Now he is a visiting scholar at the University of California in Riverside. He has published numerous articles in various fields and five books. 
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