Žiga Krajnik: Undular diffusion

Date of publication: 18. 11. 2020
Mathematical physics seminar
Tuesday, 24. 11. 2020, at 14:15 via Zoom. More info on the seminar webpage https://chaos.fmf.uni-lj.si/

Žiga Krajnik (University of Ljubljana) 

The investigation of nonequilibrium properties of models with many degrees of freedom is a formidable analytical challenge that has recently aroused renewed interest. While many free theories display ballistic behaviour, generic interacting theories give rise to diffusive behaviour, a first-principles derivation of which remains elusive. Further, the role of space-time and internal symmetries in determining transport properties remains unsettled. With these questions in mind I will discuss some recent work on the classification of dynamical correlators in generic (chaotic) theories with non-abelian symmetry, starting with a minimal example. A non-zero density of the Noether charge generated by the non-abelian symmetry breaks the full symmetry of the state and gives rise to several distinct sectors. One of the sectors displays a novel undulating transport law that combines the diffusive and Goldstone modes generated by the broken symmetry. I will also touch upon the interaction of distinct Goldstone modes in higher rank models.

More information on the seminar webpage.

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