Prof. dr. Graziano Gentili: Regular functions of a quaternionic variable

Date of publication: 20. 2. 2011
Mathematics colloquium
Četrtek, 24. 2. 2011, ob 18:15 v predavalnici 2.02 na Jadranski 21.

Graziano Gentili

Università di Firenze, Italija

24. februar 2011

The richness of the theory of holomorphic functions of one complex variable solicited, during the last century, the study of several interesting theories of quaternionic functions. The most famous was introduced by Fueter in 1934. In this talk we present the fundamental elements and results of a new theory of regular functions of one quaternionic variable. The theory we describe, inspired by an idea of Cullen, is already well established and developed. What we find is intriguing because, among other things, it allows the study of natural power series (and polynomials) with quaternionic coefficients, which is excluded when the Fueter approach is followed.

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