doc. dr. S. Čopar (UL FMF): Patterning of liquid crystal textures

Date of publication: 3. 1. 2019
Monday physics colloquium
Ponedeljek, 7.1.2019, ob 16:15 v predavalnici F1, FMF, Jadranska 19

doc. dr. Simon Čopar


Patterning of liquid crystal textures


Povzetek / Abstract:

The flowing nature of liquid crystals allows self-organization and reconfigurability, and their anisotropy is ideal for making patterns that respond to and modulate light. Controlling the patterns made by liquid crystals is thus a forefront of research, not only for displays, but in basic research as well.  I will present various ways of producing and controlling patterns in liquid crystals, including colloidal inclusions, creation of chiral solitons, topographical patterning and photoalignment procedures. I will further discuss the topological nature of produced patterns and present the recently published results of micropatterning with air trapped in etched holes.