1291. sredin seminar: Daria Maltseva: iMetrics: The Development of the Discipline with Many Names

Date of publication: 15. 12. 2019
Computer mathematics seminar (Wednesday seminar)
Sreda, 18. december 2019, od 18:15 do 19:45, predavalnica 3.04, FMF, Jadranska 21, LJ
Different research traditions were developed over time for studying the quantitative aspects of information and knowledge production, such as scientometrics, bibliometrics, librametrics, informetrics, cybermetrics, webometrics, or altmetrics. These various information metrics, or iMetrics, as they were labeled by Milojević and Leydesdorff (2013), are unified by the usage of quantitative data analysis applying various statistical methods and techniques, and often used as supplementary and complementary to each other. Representing different research traditions, they jointly form a common research field, a ``discipline with many names'' (Martin-Martin et al., 2016).

In our research project, we look at the development of the iMetrics field and its evolution through time using bibliometric network analysis, as well as its common basis, formed by the most important publications, journals, scholars and topics. The dataset consists of articles from the Web of Science database (26,414 records with complete description). Analyzing the citation network, we evaluate the field's growth and identify the most cited works. Using the Search path count approach, we extract the main path, key-route paths, and link islands in the citation network. The results show that in the last forty years the number of published papers increased, and it doubles every 8 years; the number of single author papers dropped from 50 % to 10 %, and the number of papers authored by 3 and more authors has increased. We make conclusions about the field’s development and current state. We also present main authors, journals and keywords from the field, which form its common basis.