Published article on the theory of spin-charge-family, which provides an explanation for the assumptions of the standard model

Date of publication: 19. 7. 2021
In focus
Prof. dr. N. S. Mankoč Borštnik together with H. B. Nielsen published an article in Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics

Fifty years ago the standard model offered an elegant new step towards understanding elementary fermion and boson fields, making several assumptions, suggested by experiments. The assumptions are still waiting for an explanation.

There are many proposals in the literature for the next step. The spin-charge-family theory of one of us (N.S.M.B.) is offering the explanation for not only all by the standard model assumed properties of quarks, leptons, antiquarks, and antileptons, with the families included, of the vectors gauge fields, of the Higgs's scalar and Yukawa couplings, but also for the second quantization postulates of Dirac and for cosmological observations, like there are the appearance of the dark matter, of matter-antimatter asymmetry, making several predictions.

The authors present the spin-charge-family theory, explaining with several examples the simplicity and elegance of the starting Lagrange action, derive properties of quarks and leptons and the corresponding gauge vector and scalar fields at low energy regions, as well as present several predictions, and compare the proposed theory with some other models and theories in literature.