News and Views by Denis Golež in Nature journal

Date of publication: 28. 12. 2021
In focus

In the News and Views section of the Nature journal, Denis Golež and Zhiyuan Sun from Harvard University published an article “A compact device sustains a fluid of bosons”. The atricle describes the recent discovery of an exotic fluid of particles in a device designed from thin layers of semiconductors. This fluid is composed of excitons - bound pairs of electrons and holes in a semiconductor. Although the experiment could not prove quantum coherence and superfluid unambiguously, it represents a significant step toward stabilizing Bose-Einstein condensate at high temperatures and equilibrium conditions. Golež and Sun present their vision of the field based on precise manipulation of materials on the nanoscale to reach coherent quantum states. They finish with propositions for various useful devices which could emerge from such an effort, including excitonic transistors, memory elements, and even quantum simulators.

Link to full text is here.