Gunter Schuetz: Dynamical universality classes: Recent results and open questions

Date of publication: 1. 2. 2023
Mathematical physics seminar
Thursday, 2.2.2023, at 14:15 in Kuščer seminar. More information on the seminar webpage

Universality asserts that, especially near phase transitions, the macroscopic properties of a physical system do not depend on its details such as the precise form of microscopic interactions. We show that the two best-known examples of dynamical universality classes, the diffusive and Kardar-Parisi-Zhang-classes, are only part of an infinite discrete family. The members of this family have dynamical exponents which surprisingly can be expressed by the Kepler ratio of consecutive Fibonacci numbers. This strongly indicates the existence of a simpler but still unknown underlying mechanism that determines the different classes.

  • Gunter Schuetz: Institute of Complex Systems (ICS), Forschungszentrum Jülich · Germany