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Long range interactions in nanophysics in Reviews of Modern Physics

In its 82nd volume the Reviews of Modern Physics published a paper on the theory and applications of long range interactions in nanophysics. One of the coauthors is also Prof. Rudolf Podgornik from our Department. Prof. Podgornik has been working on macromolecular interactions for a long time, specifically the interactions between macromolecules but also between carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets.
The work described in this paper refers also to various practical and technological applications of the theory of long range interactions that Prof. Podgornik also presented at various seminars at the Department.

Rewievs of Modern Physics is a first tier publication dedicated to review papers on various hot topics in modern physics research.These papers are usually considered as standard references on various research fields, which is attested also by its impact factor: 33,985. Prof. Podgornik is the head of the research program P1-0055 on the biophysics of polymers, membranes, gels, colloids and cells.