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Geometrical frustration of chiral ordering


sec-SM-naslovnica_1.jpgRelation between chiral ordering and geometrical frustration is one of the current "hot topics" in soft matter physics. Last week, the authors David Seč, Tine Porenta, Miha Ravnik and Slobodan Žumer published the article Geometrical frustration of chiral ordering in cholesteric droplets in the central soft matter journal Soft Matter, which was further highlighted by the front cover.

The authors addressed systems of cholesteric liquid crystal droplets, where the relation between the confinement via the spherical surface of the droplet and the chiral twisting of the liquid crystalline orientational order is specifically expressed. Multiple anisotropic optical profiles are demonstrated, emerging as a result of geometrical confinement. Also, the authors show that changing the intrinsic twisting of the molecular optical axes induces remarkable changes in the droplet structure, modifying optical and photonic properties of the droplets. The demonstrated approach could be used as a possible mechanism to envisage soft matter optic and photonic elements in all-photonics circuits.