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New state of matter in superconducting fullerides


With an important contribution from Denis Arčon, Peter Jeglič and Anton Potočnik from the Faculty of mathematics and physics and Institute "Jožef Stefan", a new type of metallic state of matter has been discovered by an international team of researchers studying a superconductor made from C60 molecules. The team found the new state after changing the distance between neighbouring C60 molecules by doping the parent Cs3C60 material with rubidium. The study reveals that the material has a remarkably rich combination of insulating, magnetic, metallic and superconducting phases - including the hitherto unknown state, which the researchers have dub a "Jahn-Teller metal". The article has been recently published in Science Advances, a new research journal of AAAS (Science), and has been picked up by several news outlets, including physicsworld.com.