J1-1698 Many-body transport engineering

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Research project is (co) funded by the Slovenian Research Agency.

UL Member: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Code: J1-1698

Project: Many-body transport engineering

Period: 1. 7. 2019 - 31. 12. 2022

Range per year: 1,44 FTE, category: C

Head: Marko Žnidarič

Research activity: Natural sciences and mathematics

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Project description:

The project will deal with questions at a crossroad of several fields, namely, of many-body quantum physics and of nonequilibrium statistical physics. Recent theoretical as well as numerical discoveries makes us confident that we can better understand transport in low-dimensional quantum systems and in particular find out what are the design principles that lead to a particular transport type, e.g., from ballistic transport (i.e., superconductivity, zero bulk resistance) all the way to localization (infinite bulk resistivity). Such knowledge can then be a stepping-stone towards future composite devices that would use materials with different transport properties in new ways. Furthermore, we propose a paradigm shift from studies of transport in given models to designing models with required transport properties.

We shall address the following questions:

1) Transport and engineering:

Discover systems with new transport types and better understand the existing results in,

a) quadratic systems

b) interacting systems

c) disordered systems

d) role of symmetries

2) Theory:

Get some analytical handle, in particular about

a) statistical properties of boundary driving

b) anomalous transport

c) pertubation theory

d) numerical algorithm improvement

3) Devices:

Use results of 1) and 2) to study useful devices, like

a) junctions

b) cross-transport