N1-0233 Dynamics in interacting quantum many-body systems

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Research project is (co) funded by the Slovenian Research Agency.

UL Member: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Code: N1-0233

Project: Dynamics in interacting quantum many-body systems

Period: 1. 1. 2022 - 31. 12. 2024

Range per year: 0,47 FTE category: B

Head: Tomaž Prosen

Research activity: Natural sciences and mathematics

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Project description:

The unprecedented control of ultracold as well as artificial atoms allows us not only to perform quantum manipulations, but also to address and investigate the constituent laws of quantum mechanics. Motivated by these experiments, the goal of the present proposal is to study certain fundamental aspects of the dynamics and evolution of interacting quantum systems theoretically within a Ljubljana-Budapest collaboration.

We shall carry out research along three major directions. Along the first line of research, we shall study the structure of periodically driven interacting so-called Floquet states, and topological aspects of quantum diffusion. Our second line of research focusses on dynamical properties of negative temperature states, which can easily be realized and studied in these quantum systems. Finally, we shall investigate dissipation induced phases of matter. By joining the expertise of the two groups, we shall use powerful numerical (symmetry aided matrix product operator methods, truncated Hilbert space approach) methods combined with analytical approaches such as Bethe Ansatz, Form Factor approaches, or bosonisation.