Erasmus - Information for Incoming Students

There are around 60 teaching staff and 10 PhD students at the Department of Physics which comprises one half of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Physics has had a long tradition at the University of Ljubljana and in Slovenia - Jozef Stefan being one prominent example. The university was founded in 1919 and since then, our undergraduate study programs in physics have been reformed several times. Presently our study programs follow the Bologna reform 3+2 system. 

The default language of instruction is Slovenian without exception. For visiting exchange students, consultations, course materials and exams in English are available.  PhD courses are typically taught in English whenever there is a visiting lecturer. Master's students are usually not allowed to attend PhD courses unless they are exceptionally good. In any case, visiting students are strongly advised to attend an Erasmus Intensive Language Course (EILC) before the beginning of classes. 


The Erasmus coordinator of the Department of Physics is prof. dr. Borut Paul Kerševan.

Administrative support and IIA's: Nina Rogelja

University of Ljubljana international office:


Nominations should be sent to the following email addresses: The deadline for the winter term nomination is 30 April and 30 October for the spring term.

Applications from incoming students must reach the University of Ljubljana by 15 May for the winter term and 15 November for the spring term.

Courses in English 2022/23
Study cycle Semester Course ECTS
1st / / /
2nd Winter Seminar 1 4
Winter Seminar 2 4
Winter Experimental reactor physiscs 6
Winter Materials in Nuclear Engineering 6
Winter Nuclear safety 6
Winter Physics of fission reactors 9
3rd / All courses are offered in English. /

Students can choose up to two courses from related faculties of the University of Ljubljana. Take the distance between the faculties and the availability of the courses into consideration. You can find the subjects in English here.