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Study programme: Geophysics
Study cycle: Master (second)
Core of the programme:
Year: 1
Semester: 1

Lectures: 45 hours
Exercises: 30 hours
Seminar: 0 hours

No. of ECTS credits: 5

Language: Slovenian
Specifics: Course includes 15 seminar hours and 15 laboratory hours

Satellite Geodesy and Remote Sensing

Objectives of the course and intended learning outcomes (competences)

Gained competences:
The studend understands and is able to use different methods and techniques of satellite geodesy for the needs of geodesy and other geosciences.

Contents (Syllabus outline)


Basic literature

Expected achievements

Knowledge and understanding

Comprehension of complexity of contemporary interdiscliplinary problems regarding the Earth as the planet, involving the geodetic satellite techiques.

Sound understanding of concepts of satellite geodesy and remote sensing for solving various geophysical tasks.

Transferable skills
Cooperation in solving interdiscliplinary problems in the fields of geosciences regarding the planet Earth.

Teaching methods

Courses, seminars and laboratory exercises.


No prerequisites.

Assesment methods

The assessment consists of two parts, an exam (50 % of final grade) and laboratoy exercises with a seminar (50 % of final grade). The candidate successfully completes the assessment by obtaining a grade 6 (pass) to 10 (excellent) in both parts of the exam.

Methods of quality assessment

Self evaluation, poll.

Course coodinator and his references