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Physics Education Program

Title achieved:
Master of Science in Physics Education, abbreviation: M.Sc.Phys.Edu.

2 years (4 semesters), 120 ECTS credits in total (ECTS = European Credit Transfer and accumulation System)

The main objectives of the program:
The fundamental objective of the Physics Education program is to prepare students for autonomous educational and research work as a physics teacher on all levels of primary and secondary education, including the programs that put special emphasis on the science courses, work with gifted students and programs that prepare for national exam in physics. Additional goal of the program is to prepare students for the professions that require effective and accurate communication and presentation of science findings and technological innovations to general public.

Course specific competences:

Admission criteria

Students fulfilling the following criteria are eligible to enroll in Physics Education program

a) Applicants who have completed the 1st cycle degree program in the field of physics, program Physics, Educational module.

b) Applicants who have completed the 1st cycle degree program in the field of physics (program Physics or Meteorology with Geophysics) and in addition to this completed the following two courses

c) Applicants who have completed the 1st cycle of two-subject study program "Physics and..." for primary school teachers with physics as one of the program subjects.

d) Applicants who have completed 3 year Higher education professional study program, if candidates prior to enrolment complete the missing courses (in the amount of 10-60 ECTS ) essential for continuing study at Physics Education program. The content and number of exams is subject to decision of the Study committee of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics who also decides if some of these requirements can be completed during the 1st cycle degree program.

Enrollment is also opened to the candidates who have completed equivalent education as defined in items a) to d) abroad. They can enroll under the same conditions as candidates who have completed education in Slovenia. Prior to enrolment in the 2nd cycle degree program the candidates must submit their documentation of education for verification.

Selection criteria

The program offers up to 10 enrollment positions per year for full-time study. In the case of larger enrollment, candidates will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

Acknowledgement of prior qualifications

Certain prior qualifications can be acknowledged and accepted as successfully completed courses if acquired on the programs that are equivalent to our Physics Education program. If the content and duration of the course completed elsewhere is comparable to a course at the Department of Physics, it can be awarded the same number of ECTS credits.

A written request, including proof of qualifications, must be made. Each request is considered by the Study committee of the Department of Physics on an individual basis. It is advisable to consult the Student Support Office prior to submitting the request to Study committee. The recognition of each course will be based on the following criteria:

Requirements for enrollment in the second year of the program

Students that are enrolled in the first year can enroll in the second year if they fulfill the following requirements:

Requirements for repeating a year

In order to repeat a year, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

Finishing requirements

To finish the program, student must successfully complete all requirements in the amount of 60 ECTS per study year (together 120 ECTS). Student finishes the program with a successful preparation and defense of the master's thesis.

Transfers from other degree programs

Transfers from other degree programs, as well as transfers between physics programs, are possible. They are, however, subject to conditions and requirements determined by the Study committee of the Department of Physics. Enquiries should be made to the Student Support Office.


Each course is assessed individually. Typically, assessment includes a written and an oral examination. Written examinations are usually performed throughout the semester, while oral examinations take place after other requirements (written examination, homework, seminars etc.) have been successfully completed. Typically there are three formal examination periods per academic year.

The assessment criteria and details are subject to the rules and guidelines of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, which are confirmed by the Senate of the Faculty of the Mathematics and Physics. In assessment, grades are awarded according to the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana.


Legend: P=lessons, V=recitations, S=seminar, LV-labs, ECTS=credit points, UŠD=hours of load.

∑ = number of contact hours per semester

»i« = number of hours from elective courses

Numbers in brackets show expected sum of the hours.


  Contact hours
1st semester P V S LV ECTS UŠD
Seminar I 0 0 3 0 45 3 90
Didactics of physics 2 2 1 1 1 75 5 150
Selected topics from physics of matter 4 0 1 0 75 6 180
Development of ideas in physics 2 0 1 0 45 4 120
Pedagogy with andragogy 3 0 0 0 45 3 90
Elective courses         (90) 9 270
Total 1st semester 165+i 15+1 90+i 15+i (375) 30 900
  Contact hours
2nd semester P V S LV ECTS UŠD
Methodological laboratory 0 0 1 4 75 5 150
Pedagogy with andragogy 2 0 0 0 30 3 90
Didactics 2 1 0 0 45 3 90
Teaching practice 1 2 0 0 10 180 10 300
Elective courses         (90) 9 270
Total 2nd semester 90+i 15+i 15+i 210+i (420) 30 900
Total year 1 255+i 30+i 105+i 225+i (795) 60 1800


  Contact hours
3rd semester P V S LV ECTS UŠD
Seminar II 0 0 3 0 45 3 90
Didactics of physics 3 2 1 1 1 75 5 150
Selected topics from Astrophysics and particle physics 4 0 1 0 75 6 180
Teaching practice 2 2 0 0 5 105 5 180
Elective courses         (110) 11 330
Total 3rd semester 120+i 15+i 75+i 90+i (410) 30 900
  Contact hours
4th semester P V S LV ECTS UŠD
Master thesis research work       12* 180 25 750
Elective subjects         (50) 5 150
Total 4th semester 0+i 0+i 0+i 180+i (230) 30 900
Total year 2 120+i 15+i 75+i 270+i (640) 60 1800

  * Master thesis research work involves also other (independed) forms of work.  


Total year 1 + year 2 375+i 45+i 180+i 495+i (1435) 120 3600