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A.P.E. Research

Datum objave: 22. 2. 2011
Vir: Zaposlitveni oglas
seeks a young, highly motivated computer programmer, physicist, or electronic engineer

A.P.E. Research is a company located in AREA Science Park Campus in Basovizza (close to Trieste, 50 minutes from Ljubljana), near the Elettra Synchrotron facility. AREA is a prestigious multi-sector Science and Technology Park which carries out research, development and innovation activities aimed at achieving results of excellence.

A.P.E. Research develops and produces high-resolution scanning probe microscopes (SPM), and nano-technology based instrumentation for surface and condensed matter physics. The products include Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes (STM), Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and Near Field OpticalMicroscopes (SNOM), and are always the state of the art in the specific field. All of these products can be customized to meet the needs of our customers.

We seek a young, highly motivated computer programmer, physicist, electronic engineer or similar profile. He/she will work on development of software for the control of our instruments. Besides programming skills (C++, Visual Basic and Micro-controller programming are recommended), a solid background in physics and electronics will be appreciated.

Please send us your CV or any inquiries to