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Katarína Hrináková & Deborah Oliveros

Datum objave: 14. 1. 2014
Vir: Seminar za teorijo grafov in algoritme
Četrtek 16. 1. 2014 ob 12:15 v 3.05 na Jadranski 21
12:15 - 13:00 
Speaker: Katarína Hrináková, STU Bratislava
Title: Self-dual, self-Petrie-dual, and Möbius regular maps on linear fractional groups
Abstract:  Maps are cellular embeddings of graphs on compact surfaces. Regular maps are maps with highest possible level of symmetry. A map is regular if its automorphism group acts regularly on the set of its flags. Enumeration and classification of regular maps is usually approached in three different ways - by supporting surfaces, by underlying graphs, and by automorphism groups. In this talk we focus on regular maps whose automorphism group is isomorphic to ${\rm PSL}(2,q)$ and ${\rm PGL}(2,q)$ and will characterize those maps which are self-dual, self-Petrie-dual, or Möbius. 
13:15 - 14:00
Speaker: Deborah Oliveros, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Title: Searching for perfection in hypergraphs
Abstract: Bipartite, interval graphs and transitive oriented graphs has been known as good examples of perfect graphs however not much is known about perfection in 3-hypergraphs, in this talk, we will present the family of oriended transitive 3-hypergraphs that arise from cyclic permutations and intervals in the circle, in order to search for the notion of perfection in hypergraphs.