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Emre Mengi (Koç University, Istanbul): Large-Scale Optimization of Eigenvalues

Datum objave: 23. 10. 2016
Vir: Seminar za numerično analizo
Sreda, 26.10.2016, od 10h do 11h, soba 3.06 na Jadranski 21
This talk introduces a subspace approach for the optimization of the jth largest eigenvalue of a large, Hermitian and analytic matrix-valued function depending on several parameters for a prescribed j. The range of the large matrix-valued function is projected onto a small subspace orthogonally, and its domain is restricted to the same subspace. This leads to eigenvalue optimization problems involving small matrix-valued functions. The subspace is expanded with the addition of the eigenvectors for the optimal parameter values of the small problem. We prove that this subspace approach converges globally for the minimization of the jth largest eigenvalue in the infinite dimensional setting. Furthermore, we establish that the rate of convergence is at least superlinear for both the minimization and the maximization problems.

We conclude the talk with a presentation of how the subspace approach can be adapted for the H-infinity norm computation of large scale systems, including large-scale descriptor systems and delay systems. Computation of the H-infinity norm requires additional novelty, as the subspace projections and restrictions must be performed on the state space.