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Datum objave: 10. 2. 2019
Vir: Zaposlitveni oglas
Podatkovni analitik (študentsko delo ali redna zaposlitev, rok za prijavo 15. februar 2019)

Are you ready to deliver hands-on business consulting by analysing data, using them to answer questions and communicate results to our clients? Then read on…

You don’t think advanced analytics is a hot-topic in the Adriatic region? Our 20+ people in the regional Business Intelligence team would disagree. Due to increasing customers’ demands, our team is preparing various forecasts, data optimizations, machine learning, combining web design with data analytics, tracking trends in business analytics and much more. Sounds boring? Wait until you apply those skills to real-life cases and help our customers in their everyday work.

Check out what are we looking for:

P.S.: Don't forget to read the interview with Gaja. Gaja is a postgraduate student of Quantitative Finance at the Faculty of Economics (graduated Practical Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics).

She works as a Consultant and Developer in the Business Intelligence department (where also you will work):

Za vsebino oglasa, nadaljnji proces izbire kandidata in obliko medsebojnega sodelovanja med kandidatom in delodajalcem odgovarja delodajalec. Več informacij je na voljo tu.