Assist. Prof. Dr. Žiga Kos (FMF): Disclination lines out of equilibrium

Datum objave: 7. 12. 2023
Ponedeljkov fizikalni kolokvij
16.15 - 17.15

Many synthetic, biological, or bio-inspired fluids show orientational order of the building blocks, and can also be intrinsically active or driven out of equilibrium. Disclination lines are string-like singularities within the orientational field and can show intricate non-equilibrium dynamics. I will present the formalism of describing and modelling disclinations through tensorial order parameter field and the velocity field. I will also show the role of disclination dynamics in the context of logic operations, microrobotics, nematic microfluidics, and active nematic fluids, where I will focus on selected problems, for example, how to determine the stability of a disclination loop with a zero topological charge, and how does it affect the dynamic regimes with multiple disclination loops and disclination networks.
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