Dr. Rok Zaplotnik (IJS): Tailoring surface properties with low pressure non-equilibrium plasma treatment

Datum objave: 4. 4. 2024
Ponedeljkov fizikalni kolokvij
14.15 - 15.15

In this talk I will present different types of man generated plasma and how they can be used. I will focus on non-equilibrium plasmas also commonly called cold plasmas. Plasma's unique properties and versatile applications make it a fascinating field of study and a powerful tool in various scientific and industrial contexts. Industries across automotive, microelectronics, packaging, and medical devices leverage plasma technology. It revolutionizes production processes, from coatings to waste treatment. "God made the bulk, the surface was invented by the devil" is Wolfgang Pauli's famous statement often cited by material scientists, but with plasma generated particles and radiation we can modify surfaces to almost any preferred properties and therefore we can trick the devil.
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