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EMS WiM Day 2024

Datum objave: 6. 5. 2024
Obvestilo sodelavcem fakultete
15.00 - 17.00
Dogodek odbora Women in Math Evropske matematične zveze.

Tudi letos bo v počastitev dneva žensk v matematiki potekal dogodek z naslovom EMS Women in Mathematics Day 2024. In sicer bosta ob tej priložnosti preko videokonferenčnega sistema ZOOM predavali Carola Bibiane Schönlieb (University of Cambridge) in Dusa McDuff (Columbia University). Pričetek prenosa bo ob 15. uri, predavanji pa se začneta ob 15.15 oz. 16.15. Povzetka v angleškem jeziku se nahajata spodaj.

Carola Bibiane Schönlieb: Mathematical imaging: From geometric PDEs and variational modelling to deep learning for images

Images are a rich source of beautiful mathematical formalism and analysis. Associated mathematical problems arise in functional and non-smooth analysis, the theory and numerical analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, inverse problems, harmonic, stochastic and statistical analysis, and optimisation. In this talk we will learn about some of these mathematical problems, about variational models and PDEs for image analysis and inverse imaging problems as well as recent advances where such mathematical models are complemented and replaced by deep neural networks. The talk is furnished with applications to art restoration, forest conservation and cancer research.

Dusa McDuff: Embedding problems in symplectic topology

This talk will be a gentle introduction to the world of symplectic geometry, and will explain some of the curious results about the question of when one region in Euclidean space embeds symplectically into another.