Preskoči na glavno vsebino

ASTRODEBATA / Kyle Conroy: Jdaviz and LCviz: Data analysis and visualisation tools in Jupyter

Datum objave: 9. 6. 2024
14.00 - 15.00
predavalnica F2, Jadranska 19, FMF
ID: 99470811732
V sredo, 12. junija, bo astrodebata ob 14. uri v predavalnici F2 na Jadranski 19. Kyle Conroy (STSCI) bo predstavil delovanje dveh orodij za analizo in vizualizacijo podatkov, Jdaviz in LCviz. Predavanje bo v angleščini!

Spectroscopic binaries and higher-order systems in large surveys

Kyle Conroy

Jdaviz is a suite of visualization and data analysis tools, specifically designed for JWST data, with support for spectra, 2d spectra, spectral cubes, and images. LCviz extends on this flexible framework to provide a similar tool tailored to the visualization, processing, and manipulation of light curves -- including integrated support for stitching, flattening, frequency analysis, phase-folding, and binning. Any instance of Jdaviz or LCviz can either be run as a standalone desktop application or embedded within a Jupyter environment -- allowing for mixed modes of interaction, including point-and-click data exploration as well as advanced scripting of reproducible scientific workflows. This seminar will include and informal demo of the various capabilities of Jdaviz and LCviz and encourage discussion for directions of possible future development to enable interoperability and more advanced science use-cases.