Ass. Prof. Daniel Martijn de Bruin (U of Amsterdam AMC): Clinical applications of OCT in diagnostic oncology and surgical oncology

Datum objave: 24. 9. 2021
Ponedeljkov fizikalni kolokvij
11.00 - 12.00
ID: 980 0889 5298
v ponedeljek, 27. 9. 2021, ob 11:00 v F1 in prek Zooma

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an optical technique that measures the backscattering of near-infrared light by tissue using interferometry. OCT yields in 2D and 3D images at micrometer-scale resolution, thus providing optical biopsies, approaching the resolution of histopathological imaging. The technique has shown to allow in vivo differentiation between benign and malignant epithelial tissue, through qualitative assessment of OCT images, as well as by quantitative evaluation, e.g., functional OCT.

This lecture aims to summarize the principles of OCT and to discuss the current state of the art on the diagnostic value of OCT in the diagnosis of (pre)malignant cancerous lesions. An overview of several clinical applications will be given as well as a discussion on the position of optical technologies such as OCT in the diagnostic workup in oncology. Moreover, the latest incorporation of OCT in specific tools, like handheld and catheter-based probes is shown, which will further improve the implementation of this technology in daily clinical practice.