Dr. Enej Ilievski (FMF): Anomalous transport laws in many-body dynamical systems

Datum objave: 31. 3. 2022
Ponedeljkov fizikalni kolokvij
16.15 - 17.15
ID: 980 0889 5298
V ponedeljek, 4. 4. 2022, ob 16:15 prek Zooma

Our understanding of non-equilibrium phenomena in quantum many-body systems has tremendously progressed in the past decade. The study of interacting quantum matter constrained to low spatial dimensions has been at the forefront of theoretical research, owing primarily to the development of powerful analytical tools and efficient numerical simulations. The interest has been further amplified by the plethora of experimental advancements in the cold-atom techniques, now finally permitting to directly probe complex relaxation processes with a high degree of accuracy.
In this talk, I will discuss a few prominent examples of non-ergodic many-body interacting systems that feature unorthodox dynamical properties and highlight the phenomenon of spin superdiffusion.